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So I met with a friend this morning and avoided lunch! It felt great so decline and not eat some fast food. I've been eating minimal these past few days and I feel like I've conquered my bloatedness. I feel at my all time low right now but that will change, I'm going home for a few days so that means eating a lot.

My mom is constantly remarking on my weight, its getting a little irritating. I don't even have weird eating habits around her, I eat perfectly normal. Granted last summer I was home I never ate so maybe she still remembers that time. It kinda stinks that she's seen me at a higher weight. None of my friends ever comment on my weight or eating habits because thats all they've known. But family knows different, I used to be bigger and wear a size 9. Now I wear a size 5 and my mom has definitely noticed. One time she was eyeing the size of this skirt I had and remarked on how I used to wear larger sizes. I've told her that I became more health conscious and just work out more. I really need advice to convince her to get off my back and stop commenting on my weight. I already eat normal around her, probably even more than I should. What else could I do?


Dot said...

That's so hard about your mother : / Especially if you eat normal around her. She should be happy for you for losing and working out! : (
Maybe if you send her info about healthy eating and stuff she'll realize you are serious about the health aspect. Maybe she's intimidated by your healthier eating habits. I know my mother is really bothered I won't eat the same things as her anymore. I try to send her stuff and tell her about studies I've read and it seems to make her feel a little bettter....Good luck!
I love your last comment "look hot and rub it in her face" hahaha! That's so how I think too! And 3 against L! yes...must get this new girl over on my side.... ; )
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

hm. is your mom jealous?
you are eating fine around her.. like what does she got up her sleeve?? idk. i think you look amazing :) i would KILL to be a size five again. i was wearing a seven in those picturess of me and it was a little snug. :( ugh.

All about Lily said...

Thank you for your comment. What kind of job do you want to do in international business? I love that we have that in common!

The situation with your mother is hard. But you are handling it very well. I don't know what else you can say or do. Maybe you could try the "naive/surprise" answers. Like if she notices you lose weight, you can say, "oh really? I don't how, I eat so much these days!" or "it must be stress"
It always works with my mother!

Good luck and keep up the good work.

pokerface said...

wow that sounds so difficult. seems like you're doing all you can. i liked dot's advice about emphasising that you're "eating healthy" not dieting. other than that it just seems like your mother is gona need time to get used to the way you are now.

thanks for the positive comment btw :) i do like skinny jeans, yeah. just to be able to know I can fit into them and look good would be amazing. i might get a pair of white skinnies just to go the whole way... haha

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could try to convince her that you're completely out of adolescence now. A lot of people are their heaviest in middle and high school and then go to college and embrace their adulthood and develop their own habits and lose some extra weight.

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