A New Day

SO I am happily still in fast mode. Only ate a slice of bread and peanut butter as well as some starbursts in the last 24 hours. I even avoided eating fast food last night and going out to eat with friends today. One, I don't want to ruin everything with one horrible meal at a restaurant and two, I am tired of wasting money to just fatten myself up lol. I woke up today still in fast mode! I think I am just running of adrenaline. So advice time, what should I eat? I'm thinking subway, I always get a wheat 6inch turkey. Any suggestions? I will be chilling out today, may eat an apple and another slice of bread with peanut butter but I know I need to eat a meal.

It helps that I live alone (as for now, moving next week with roommates) so I barely keep food around me and am working so that just keeps me busy. Then I sleep a lot. When school starts hopefully I have an internship and can avoid dinner time with friends lol. Not everyday, just don't want to stuff myself daily. I have free time today so I will catch up on some blogs and see how you guys are doing=)

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the taller, prettier one
I remember replying on your blog. Glad I could be an inspiration you are mine as well =)

Thankyou love =) I hope you keep it up as well

swt mzry
Thankyou! I can't wait to start working out then I can use the high tech awesome scales they have in the gym lol. Will keep me motivated to work out if I weigh myself before I do xD

Aww thankyou Dot =D I honestly fail at taking pics of myself but I will try lol. And yes I like to be honest and I did not lie, HUGE difference. You look fabulous.

You are just doing amazing. Guys tend to lose fast like that :P. Keep up the awesome work. Everyone knows you can do it, go and look hot!

Thats ok flushed, not gaining is still a good goal. I am afraid of gaining right now lol so I need to try and boost my metabolism. Thankyou for your support ^^

Thankyou lizzy =) An internship is just for job experience. It looks awesome on a resume basically and is good for networking

Savory Sweet
lol I am not taking anything. I do have an addiction to sugar. I like candy too much. I love peanut butter too so I just add that to my diet for healthy fats. If I don't go overboard with it, which I dont, its healthy and keeps me energized

I am so so sorry. I hope you find out soon and then can really decide where you are in life. Feel better, we are all here for you


Flushed said...

I always read that after a fast the best thing to do to reintroduce food into your system is veg/fruit/lean meats...I would avoid processed food like bread and the like.

It's just me and my mom and she's been gone in Florida for 10 days so it's j u s t m e and I'm loving it. She doesn't bring home junky stuff or invite people over as an excuse to make so fatty food! So nice.

I'm looking forward to school for the same reason-keep me busy!

Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

I know you read my blog, so you know my Subway obsession. lol, If you're going to eat a meal out, that is the place to go. If I could eat there everyday, I totally would. The best option is obviously the veggie on wheat, but after that is the turkey or ham. So your plan sounds good! And it's only 290 calories. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, love.
Things will get figured out soon. I'm just an angry dramatic emotional girl.. and I just have to wait it out now.
Thank you for your support :)

Dot said...

So wonderful how you are still in fast mode! I think subway is a good idea. Especially since you can figure out the exact cals for it ; )
I bet you are looking so gorgeous these days! You have to posts pics now!
I too can't wait for school to start to keep me busy. Summer is always struggle for me, I never know what to do with myself....
Stay strong <3

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