Reached 120 then failed.

So I have a crazy amount to update. I need to explain why I have been gone, what have I been up to, and my weight goals. First off I reached my first goal weight of 120 and I felt amazing. Bad news is I binged for TWO days and lost my goal weight and felt too bad to post on my blog =(. I feel better now but ugh it sucks. I am probably 122 right now. So I have been very busy working and getting ready for school. Once school starts binging will be harder. I am just constantly surrounded by friends and all we do is eat. Its irritating even though it seems half of my friends are developing ED's lol. I know I shouldn't find that comical but I do. Its just so ironic.

So I hit 120 then binged but then worked out like crazy. One day I did two trips to the gym and according to the machines burned a total of 600 calories. The real number was probably 400-500 but it felt great. I pretty much binged today because of peer pressure (I know it sucks) but I am so sick of it, I can't take it anymore. I hate that I have been avoiding my blog, makes me feel even more guilty. I really need to make it up to you guys. I'm hoping once I weigh below 120 I will treat you guys to pics of me.

I really missed you and yes I will not avoid my blog again, it doesn't help lol. Everyday I would just think oh goodness I should put this on my blog tonight. So now that the gym is open I am super happy, I've been like 4 times this week already. I already have my gym schedule set out as well so that makes me feel a little better. I will be up all night reading blogs so much love to you all =)


Iniquitous Angel said...

Yay for touching ur first goal weight!!!
dont worry hon, u'll lose those 2lbs in no tym :)

Anonymous said...

welcome back!! cant wait to see the photos!!

pokerface said...

120 isn't far, you'll get there again soon :) well done on your work outs! You're making me feel so lazy :P

welcome back :)

Ana's Girl said...

Oooh. I'm liking the new look of your blog. It's so pretty and happy :)

I do the same thing; reach a goal and then think it's ok to binge since i look good at the moment. But then i lose everything i worked for. It's ok though; you'll get back down to 120 soon. Stay strong hunny!

Savory Sweet said...

You're doing a lot better than you think! Don't beat yourself up. I always find that I reach a goal weight, then it's elusive for a bit, then I see it again and I'm not as impressed and need a new goal weight ;)

I'm looking forward to pictures if you do post them! No pressure haha.

All about Lily said...

We missed you too! It's so good you reached your first goal. It sucks that it wasn't for long, but I'm sure you will lose the weight quickly.
You blog looks amazing: I love your new template!
I can't wait to see your pictures, last time I came too late.
Stay strong!

Yum said...

Good job at hitting goal weight! Don't sweat the binge too much - you know that if you can reach your goal once, you can reach it again!

Fleur said...

I'm so glad you're back :) plus a new blog look! awesome :)

Anonymous said...

Hey now you know its possible, so you can get right back there again!! =)

I like the new layout. <3

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