Love you all

Thankyou guys for all the lovely comments!! It really meant a lot to me. I took them down and deleted them before the taller, prettier one could see them so sorry =(. Next time I post pics I'll wait for you to see and also I will post some full body shots. Like I knew I would, had to hang out with friends today and eat fast food omg. I did resist getting fries and soda but ofcourse I caved in for icecream =(. Calories as of now. Its night time and the junk food has made me craving more food. Luckily I only have fruit and healthy snacks to binge on so maybe I won't go over 1200.

Icecream: 330
chicken nuggets: 460
grapes: 100
orange juice: 120

Total: 1010

Tomorrow is moving day and we are probably going to go out to eat so I will try and fast all day while moving and burning calories =). This week ugh, will be food galore since I will be moving with roommates but then next week the gym opens so can't wait for that. I have many blogs to catch up on, I've been packing but I will soon. ^^ Love you all


Ana's Girl said...

I love you too, Nic. Stay strong.

Anonymous said...

you will do awesome tomorrow <3
i know it =)

Dot said...

Sounds like you did good today despite going out with friends! And how exciting that the gym is about to open : D You are going to look sooo hott! Even more toned and lovely than you are now <3
Stay strong and good luck moving ; )

All about Lily said...

Oh no! I missed your pictures too.
I'm so mad at me right now!
I love your blog and catching up on you was so good.
Good luck for your moving.
Keep strong (I know you will!)

Anonymous said...

Moving is hard because you eat out all the time 'cuz there is no food in the house and you are TIRED. Good luck.

Fleur said...

Good luck with moving :) lots of hard work, i know! i love having only healthy food in my cupboard, but sadly my house-mates always have junk and offer it to me all the time. will power. self control. :) Yay for gym! much love

Sunny Mc.FatFace said...

Dang it! I missed your pics *sob* life is just so sad... hahaahah not really... ummm can someone say bipolar?

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