Feeling Discouraged

Wow. So I went to a bagel place for breakfast and just looked up the calories...820!!! For breakfast!! Thats just ridiculous, never eating there again. In my defense I had planned to eat there yesterday so I ate very little for dinner but I feel just so discouraged because it didn't even fill me up. So I'm just going to eat regularly today, and fast tomorrow. I still have to wait a couple of weeks before I can go to the gym. I am growing so impatient and discouraged. Fasting is just hard when I can't weigh myself. I hope you guys are having better luck than me =)

Replies to comments from last post

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with all the blogs and feel guilty when I don't comment on all of them. I do try to though because I know how reassuring and happy comments make me feel =)

Ana's girl
Yeh I love competition. I find it helpful because I'm not a particularly jealous person as hard as that is to believe. So it is just pure competition but I never become mean or jealous.

Thanks for commenting, I haven't had a chance to really read your blog, partly because I feel guilty sometimes. I like to write as well and feel guilty having this blog complaining about my weight sometimes instead of writing like you do. Weight and body image is less of an issue for me yet I feel like I make it an issue sometimes with this blog...does that all make sense lol?

Losing used to make me feel horrible as well. Everytime I lost my first game in any sport I would cry. That stinks how you feel awkward around her. Maybe its time you moved on? I have this horrible habit of moving on in friendships easily =(

Thankyou so much for that compliment wow lol. She is giving me hints. She refuses to say that I am skinnier than her. She just talks about the weight she's gained. I feel she is resentful towards me but that only keeps me motivated =) I have a feeling you will be looking great in photos in no time. I never took photos when I felt I was heavier, now I am a camera whore lol

I'm actually happy you have someone to compete with, makes the journey all that more attainable. I wish you the best girl <3 So happy you are back ^^


Anonymous said...

awwww. fuck that bagel place. :( just take this in as a lesson, no matter how discouraging, and walk away from it knowing you learned something and wont make that mistake again. life will go on. you will fast tomorrow. and it will be okay. that bagel.. gone from existence. :) chin up dolly! you cant get skinny thinking negatively! :)

Dot said...

Bagels are...evvvvvilll....I used to work at a bakery and would look up all the cals in everything out of some perverse curiosity. And wow. People really don't realize..
And you didn't know, so don't feel so bad. You would never eat something like that normally ; ) And now you know to always look up everything first. I too had to learn that the hard way....
I'm so glad to back and reading your blog beautiful ; )
Stay strong <3

Ana's Girl said...

Wow. That was is the most deceptively horrid thing i've ever heard. I mean who would have thought that a single bagel could be so much. That's just wrong! But i'm sure your other plans will fix it right up. You're well on your way to skinny. Just stay strong.

Anonymous said...

aww :( wish i could have given you one of my magical 100 calorie bagels! delicious but kind of small. don't worry though! i'm quite jealous of your current weight <3

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