Waking up full

So I woke up and read your comments and I feel great =). I woke up feeling physically great and mentally. I unfortunately have a busy day today and can't read your blogs until later tonight. I really just want to thank you guys for lifting my moods. I hate being down, I like to be cheery =o

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Ana's Girl
Thankyou so much =) I love working at night because I find it easier to not eat. I reaally appreciate your comments

You are absolutely right and thats not like me. I won't do it again ^^. I woke up feeling better and in control. I am so happy you have multivitamins ;) I will purchase some soon.

Thankyou sweety <3 I did wake up feeling awesome. He is a lovely friend and yes I am incredible comfortable around him and sometimes there is tension between us. But yeh, nothing will come from it, it just couldn't work. I've accepted that lol it just sucks I can't stop feeling for him.

swt mzry
Thanks love and you are right as well. I was just upset about the argument but I'm all better now. Thanks for commenting too ^^

Yes stranger its such a relief living on my own, no one looking over my shoulders. I have a weird sleeping schedule and eating schedule as well. goodluck holding out until you can get back to school ^^ Thanks for commenting

Thankyou Dot <3 Stupid guys and their guyness that we love lol.


Anonymous said...

you rock :)
keep on rockin'
keep on rockin'
the night awayyyyy

does anybody really know what time it is?
does anybody really care? (about timeeee)

LOL im singing to you, stfu.

xmarinesxperfectxprincessx said...

I'm so happy for you that you woke up happy. lol. I hope it lasts for the rest of the day. :)

Ana's Girl said...

Yay! I'm so good to hear that you're feeling better, and that i'm helpful to you. Keep feeling good. Much love.

pokerface said...

my dad is one of the very few positive things about my family :) and he was a dick in the past... I didn't properly meet him until he wised up about 3 years ago. So it's not been great all the way but I AM very grateful :)

As I am for your comments. Hope your busy happy day went well :))

Fleur said...

Glad to hear you're feeling bright and cheery :) smiling rainbows and dancing on bubbles :)

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