Weird Thinspo Request

So I am finally free from work training. I ended up weighing myself afterwards and to my surprise I hadn't gained any weight. I haven't lost any either but I feel my body is now getting used to the 120-121 range which is awesome. I feel great but I can't wait to reach 117 so I can shop! I want to shop before school starts so that would mean I have less than 2 weeks to lose the weight which I think I can.

I will be at the gym tomorrow! I can't weight. I am thinking of starting off by trying to lose 500 cals on the machines and then do some running. I have not one but two super healthy exercise freak friends (one who has lost a lot of weight) and so we are practically making sure each other works out. I feel so lucky to be surrounded by them.

Also I have a weird thinspo request to make only because I suck at finding thinspo. I was wondering you lovely ladies could find me thinspo of skinny women in business suits. I am in need of a suit lol and want to see how great they could look for my skinnier self =) Much love to all and now I have finally have time to stay updated with blogs.


All about Lily said...

That's great! Having support, especially while working out is really useful. It also helps you to push yourself further.
Of course you can do it: 3/4 lbs in 2 weeks for you is a piece of cake!
I'll try to do my best for your thinspo...

Stay strong, you're doing amazing!

Dot said...

I'm sure you'll be able to reach 117 and get tons of beautiful clothes ; )
And that's so wonderful you have such supportive friends...I'd die to have a friend who'd exercise with me : /
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

Try looking up some old pictures of Katherine Hepburn. She rocked some trousers.

Ana's Girl said...

I'm jealous: you have work out buddies. Lol.

And you'll definately be 117--at the most--by the time you want to go school shopping. You're beyond strong enough.

pokerface said...

Did you notice that you said "I can't weight" instead of "wait"?

Excellent Freudian slip ^_^

Flushed said...

That is so awesome that you have workout buddies! AND they're health food junkies!! Which is awesome-ER!! You'll probably be LESS than 117 by the time school gets going!


Anonymous said...

I'm sure you'll do it, girl =)
Being surrounded by health/work-out freaks def helps, you always compete with them and such, it's great. Hopefully I can find someone to work out with this semester.

Yaaay for shopping =)

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