So good news! Minus me having to eat regular meals of course. My mom did not mention my weight once! It felt awesome. Granted she was gone half the day. But for breakfast I had a cheese omelet. I left the pot in the sink and my dishes around so when she got home she saw it. I then ate a horribly fattening muffin and snacked on grapes all day. For dinner...ugh...had a lot of pasta. Don't want to talk about it and also had chocolate and juice. I made sure that when I ate I always ate in front of her and even suggested dinner and went shopping with her for ingredients.

I feel I convinced her to not worry about my weight. To begin with, I was giving her health food advice (which I find ironic since I would rather starve than eat healthy but I am knowledgeable) I convinced her to start eating raw spinach, its a personal favorite of mine. We went shopping together and practically talked about healthy foods the whole time so she knows I am a "health nut" now. Which is technically true. When I eat I like to eat healthy.

I want to work out so bad. I'm scared that I will lose my drive once I am able to go to the gym. I'm a very athletic person, I have always been on a sports team. But when it comes to the gym I just feel so meh about it. I am hoping that once I start weighing myself and really dieting, the numbers on the scale will really motivate me to go to the gym. I have some running shoes, getting an ipod and I have goals in mind. I want to hit 117 before winter break. Thats it, then I'm done and just need to maintain that weight and tone my body. I also want to be able to run 30 mins straight without stopping and do that maybe 4 times a week. I want to have lean muscle and a toned body yet look fragile and lovely in skinny jeans and a bikini. Wish me luck girls and keep up your blogs they really keep me motivated more than you guys realize

Zoe Saldana. I think she is gorgeous with a rocking body


Ana's Girl said...

I'm so glad you've got your mom convinced to stop worrying about you. That's the best news ever. Maybe you should try to find a sports team to join if that'd be more fun to you than the gym. If i know one thing, it's that a workout should definately be fun!

Thanks so much for your lovely comment. It's always good to hear that i've got support no matter how bad i mess up. :)

Anonymous said...

getting ur mum to stop worrying will make things easier for sure!! thats awesome. i am the same with the gym when i have a membership. sounds like things are pretty good....

Sunny Mc.FatFace said...

Arg! I know about parents freaking out. My mum came in my room about a month ago and told me I was going to ruin all the opportunities in my life if I "kept doing what I am doing". She always says that. I had a really fun time of making the kitchen look as though it had been used for a week or two. bad me. That ipod will help out a lot when your in the gym. Wish you luck!
I want to follow your blog, but I can't find out where I click to do that. Technically challenged? Well yes, yes I am.

pokerface said...

he heee! well done!! I'm jealous about your sporting ability! TEACH ME! haha yeah I'd love to make my own thinspo one day... I'm aiming just to look decent in photos first though haha

Anonymous said...

I'm a health nut too!
When I need to be healthy. That's good that you are very knowledgeable about it so you can eat little without having to like hide it so to speak.

I'm really athletic too! :) Yeah find some people to play with! It's wayyyy more exciting than the gym. Like a soccer team, or shooting hoops with some friends.

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