I Hate Moving

Moving was just awful. The only good part was its finished and I actually had an awesome time with my friend she is hilarious.

But on to the bad parts because I need to complain. First off I am an idiot for trying to fast lol. The first moment I even tried to move I almost passed out and felt like I was going to throw up. Luckily my friend suggested it was dehyration and watered me up and fed me. It probably was but obviously because my body was starving. It was awful because at first I felt dizzy then naceous but the feeling went away and the second time it came back all I wanted to do was stuff my face to never feel that way again. I'm personally not a fan of dizzyness and nacea but I should have expected it. What sucks is that I had no appetite but I ate some fast food today twice. I dont even want to count calories. All I know is I moved a ton today for hours. I am physically exhausted, just felt like I needed to update.

Oh and that friend I got into a fight with a few days ago and who I kind of liked. Sometimes I wish he'd just leave my life. I think he causes more harm than good. Sometimes I just don't like who I am when I am around him and what hurts the most is I am who I am all the time and I love me all the time...so what does that mean? Could I be better? Or am I the best I can be and he just destroys that without trying or even being malicious. Does that make me weak or a fool?

I'm seriously going to be very busy this week so I apologize now if I seem to disappear. I will be trying to read many blogs =)


Ana's Girl said...

I'm sure you burned off all of the calories just by moving stuff around. Definately get some rest and you'll feel much better. It really is ok to eat a little bit sometimes; it'll boost your metabolism.

The friendship sounds complicated... wish i had some advice, but i kind of suck at relationships. All i can say is if you don't like who you are around him, maybe you shouldn't be around him. you should always be ok with who you are.

Stay strong. Much love.

Dot said...

Bleh : P I hate moving too...it's such a hassle and so stressful...but I ten to think everything is stressful ; )
I'm sorry about getting dizzy and all : ( It always makes me scared and want to eat too when I get like that : / And I'm sure Ana's Girl is right and you burned tons from moving <3
The friend sounds like more trouble than he's worth. If he's making you feel bad about yourself, even if it's unitentional, you shouldn't be around him. I don't think you are weak at all. You are so strong. <3 And you are definitely not a fool ; ) Anyone who brings you down like that can't be good, even if it's not obvious.....
I'm disappearing for two days too, so I forgive you <3

Anonymous said...

i suck at relationships too, but anas girl is right, friends are meant to bring out the best in us, otherwise i dont think its worth it...... and moving AND stress both burn calories, so yeah i wouldnt worry bout the fast food!

Yum said...

Good luck with moving! I hate it. (I moved over a year ago, and I still haven't unpacked...)

I can't fast either. I just feel too sick. Maybe you're sugar-sensitive?

It's weird, I think we all have people we act different around. I'm not sure why. But I think if he makes you feel miserable, maybe not cut him out of your life completely, but see him less often.

Or maybe do the opposite and have a talk with him, and try to work out why you're so uncomfortable around him.

(I'm so helpful, giving conflicting advice!!)

Anonymous said...

that boy sounds harmful to your health. thats how i feel around my bf. but that is also why i am leaving him.. because it will always be SOMETHING. something wrong will always happen. =/ but if he is bruising your self esteem by being around him, thats not good.

well stay busy and stay skinny! <3
take care =)

Anonymous said...

I've had a few people like your "friend", and honestly, I'll tell you the best way to deal with it is to just cut them out. Instead of allowing them to play with your head, they're gone and you don't give them another thought. Over time, it gets easier until it doesn't bother you anymore. Good luck!

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