So I did it. I reached 120 again. I am ecstatic and feel great. As of now, I haven't eaten anything today and weighed myself this morning on an empty stomach. The plan is to eat a small to medium size dinner tonight, workout for an hour then head to bed on an empty stomach. I think I can reach 119 either tomorrow or the day after. Wow I am so going to reach 117 then go on a shopping spree! I have the cash all saved up lol =D

I honestly feel coming back to my blog really motivated me. You guys are just amazing. Ok now for gossip:

A really close friend of mine, we've been friends since highschool, used to be super skinnier than me, but she is super lazy. So we went to college and she gained a ton of weight, probably 10 pounds and now none of her clothes fit which sucks because they are all designer lol. She has no motivation to do anything, she would fail if tried to be proana. And I've lost weight but instead of her complimenting me, the jealousy is coming out (which I don't mind hehe). But its getting annoying because she is projecting her insecurities on me. For example with weight gain comes bigger boobs. We used to have the same size (I'm a 32 A lol which I love!!) but she has totally gotten bigger. So you know what she does? She asks me, like puts me on the spot if I wear a tight shirt and says, "Did your boobs get bigger!?" and to any normal person that wouldn't be annoying but she KNOWS I love my boobs and would hate if they got bigger. And she has done this multiple times and I can only say no and look awkward. Next time she asks I am totally going to say, "No but it looks like yours has."

I know it sounds extremely petty but its irritating when a friend projects things on you. And I say friend because she honestly is a good friend...we just like to compete with one another xD. She's worked out with me once and said she would always work out with me but knowing her she will get lazy and quit which actually sucks because she is upset she is gaining weight. But this is how I feel about it, if you are upset your clothes do not fit and that you are gaining a gut and bigger boobs do something about it instead of being lazy and inactive. Ok so I am done with my gossip for now lol, enjoy some thinspo


Anonymous said...

yayy! congratulations! i'm still hovering between 122-124 lbs ughh, but i'm hoping to lose a lot more at school :)

and you should totally say that to your friend next time :P i totally understand where you're coming from. i'm 32 A too and i would HATe to go up a size, because i know it would just mean i've gotten fatter.
anyway, your plan sounds should reach 117 in no time.

All about Lily said...

Congratulations on reaching your goal. It's amazing! I always read your blog when I have doubts or bad thoughts and I always find the inspiration I need!
So thanks Nic!

Anonymous said...

Go Nic! Yippee for goal achievement!

Hmm, I want a little fedora hat. Is that Sandra Bullock?

Ana's Girl said...

Congrats! Way to make a great come-back. You'll be 119 before you know it :)

Definately say that to your friend when she says that to you, because it's just plain rude of her.

Stay strong!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean... my boyfriend can be incredibly lazy sometimes :) And competitive, too. Then again, he does have a strategy: fatten me up by shoving food in my face. Quite literally.

Congratulations on reaching your goal! And I'm in awe of your 32A-- you must be really small :)

Anonymous said...

no way should we put up with friends that project!! bugger that!!

and congrats on reaching ur goal, thats awesome!

Yum said...

It's not just because of us...remember, it was you who had the willpower and control!

Ugh, I hate when friends give mixed signals. I just don't understand it.

Anonymous said...

yay for 120!

and wow @ your friend. thats totally shitty of her. its not your fault she became a fat slob and let herself go. i mean jeez, at least give you some compliments!

ShrinkingSlowly said...

Congrats on your 120 break. =)

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