Need to Feel Empty

So I am back at school feeling bloated like I always do after a trip home. I frankly eat too much at home and it makes me feel sick. So wow I have a lot of followers! And I am so behind in blogs. I need to read all my new followers and my updates and comment on everyone's blog. I have a lot of work to do lol. So my friend I am competing with in my mind just called me saying how much she can't wait to work out when school starts. Thats good, I'm a very competitive person and feel I will do great if my goal is to remain skinnier than her lol. I know its awful but I live off competition.

I'm going to copy xthinforever and start answering comments on the following blog. I get lost as well trying to answer everyone on their blog. So here goes

Ana's Girl
I am actually on a sports team, but its only intramural so less competitive and less practice. It just doesn't help when it comes to my weight goals. If I want to lose weight I need to live at the gym but I think I can do it =) And you will always have my support, I don't know why but I just feel so bad when you feel bad, your blog is that powerful

Thankyou so much for the comment. I must confess I need to catch up on your blog and start commenting I will asap ^^

Sunny Mc.FatFace
I have a weird layout so in order to follow my blog you need to manually add me by going to your dashboard and where it shows everyone you are following at the bottom click add and paste the link of my blog in it. Hope that helps and I need to catch up on your blog as well ^^

I absolutely adore your blog. And for me playing sports is just my lazy version of working out. Yes it helps but the gym is much better to define your body. Plus playing sports increases my appetite like crazy. After soccer practice and running for miles I would get home and stuff my mouth. Can't wait for your photo debut! Lol

Everytime I did go to the gym I would just play racquetball or badminton or some other sport. I would avoid machines at all cost but thats where the real workout is plus they tell you how many calories you burn =D


Anonymous said...

BAHHHH machines dont give you the best workout. free weights do. machines arent always accurate.. thats why i got a heart rate monitor that programs in all my info so i have an accurate count. :D yay.

lol just kidding. im happy you got a lot of followers! but when you start following a lot of people sometimes its easy to fall behind. im like totally ocd so i have to read everyones shiz before i can post. and i comment on mostly everything. :)

but keep up the good work babydoll!

Ana's Girl said...

Haha. We all live off competition to some degree. Why else would we love thinspo pictures so much?

Anonymous said...

Well, competition can always be a good driving force, as long as it doesn't go to great extremes for no reason.

Anonymous said...

competition is freakn awesome, except i absoloutly cant stand losing. my selfesteem relies on not losing!! and having skinny friends makes doing this easier, i had one but she has put on alot of weight recently, i almost dont want to see her cos i know she knows what im doing. it makes it kinda awkward

pokerface said...

Sounds like your friend is competing with you too, if she's giving you hints about how much she's working out. You go for it!

Thank you for the lovely comments :) knowing that people are waiting for photos is helping me eat MUCH smaller portions than usual... haha

pokerface said...

Yes, I saw the photo of your shoulders. Your collarbones are better than Keira's :) you're much much skinnier than me. Hopefully you won't think too badly of my photos. I'll try to do a nice smile in them to make up for it :P

Dot said...

I missed you too beautiful! <3

Haha! I love the part where you are like "The girl I'm competing with in my mind..." That's totally something I would say! I too thrive on competition. Ever since I was little. I'm secretly competing with one friend who is really beautiful, but gained 30 lbs last year and has been trying to lose this summer. I HAVE to be thinner than her when school starts....
Anyways...I'm sure you'll win against this girl!
Stay strong <3

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