Please Update me on you

So I have some time to write up a quick blog. I have been busy all day! I am exhausted and I still have along day tomorrow with training and stuff. So just to update I hate how I haven't been reading blogs. PLEASE UPDATE me in my comments. I will have some time tonight but I always feel overwhelmed when I fall behind in blogs. I hope you all are doing well <3

As for myself I have never felt so envious. There is this lovely lovely ana girl who works with me. She is absolutely gorgeous. She obviously lost a ton of weight this summer and everytime we have like lunch and breakfast and stuff (because work is all day and so long they feed us) I sneakily look at her and she eats nothing! I feel like a creep lol but I could see her whole spine through her shirt when she leaned over just a little! I actually think she is too skinny but goodness she is so pretty. She's asian and looks like a freaking model and has the skinniest legs ever. She is pretty skinny not ugly skinny even though she does look too skinny. Anyway she is my new thinspo. The gym opens in a few days!!! I will be there all day. I don't even care anymore, I want to lose weight so bad now. All I need to do is start reading your blogs and progress and looking at more thinspo.

Its just so hard to not eat when you are forced in such a social situation as I am right now. When school starts hopefully I'll be less around them during meal times. But I have great news!!! So one of my roommates (who weighs a lot more than me) has just changed her whole entire lifestyle around. I'd say she was pro ana now lol but she is actually pro health and instead of restricting eats like 6 small meals a day with tons of exercise. The good part is she eats absolutely no junk food now and will be working out everyday. I am super excited because all I have to do is copy her choices in food (its all extremely healthy and low cal now) and work out with her. Plus I love restricting so I just can't wait to reach 115. Once I hit 117 I am going on a shopping spree for new clothes. Wish me luck guys and please update me!!! I will be reading blogs later tonight. I am hanging out with some friends and going to the movies and will read when I get back. Love you all <3


pokerface said...

My dad is very supportive of me. I've never actually said it to him, but he's very perceptive and we understand each other without having to necessarily communicate everything. :)

They don't like him because he divorced my mum (neither of them were happy but he's always been blamed) and they don't agree with divorce. He also drinks (socially, not excessively) and they're very against alcohol. He's also engaged to a woman from a catholic family, which is unacceptable in their eyes too.

Thanks for the encouragement :) I'm hoping uni is the tolerant environment I've been hoping for, as you said.

I'm glad to hear you're motivated to go to the gym and that you've got a healthy friend to work out with :) you'll soon be as skinny as your thinspo girl. I bet you're a lot closer than you think :)

Ana's Girl said...

Not much new happening with me... I need to blog about my failure tonight. Ugh kill me now. The ana girl sounds lovely. I wish i could be her. I wish someone would say i was too skinny... Jealous!!

Anyways, i'm sure you'll do great once you get back to school and into the swing of things. You'll be on your shopping spree in no time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not very good at keeping up with blogs myself. But now I have a whole week in my parents' empty house before I move back on campus. I'll try avoiding food and just eat small dinners with them if forced to. I'll also try reading all the blogs to distract me in the meantime..

I can't wait to move back though. No one watches what/when and if you eat, gym packed with skinny bitches, and work-out buddies =))
It is great to have someone to work out with. Good luck on getting to 115, girl!! You are going to look stunning, thin, and sexy. Ana love <3

Dot said...

My darling Nic! I'm back and have missed you so much <3
I'm sure you're just as beautiful as that girl at work. But it is good to have thinspo you see everyday. I actually really wish I had someone I see all the time to secretly compete with...And how exciting about the gym opening! I remember in your first or second post talking about how you couldn't wait for the gym to open! Yay! <3
Wow! so cool about your roommate! That will be so great to have someone else who's trying to be healthy around you. OMG! I can't wait to see you at 115. You should seriously start modeling once you get there. Since you are tall anyways ; )
So update on myself...doing fine on ABC for a week now. Lost some more inches....weight same : (
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

same old same old for me really!!my bf confronted me on my bad habits.. awkward. ur world is def looking up with the girl at work and ur flatmate!! thats what i need!

Yum said...

I don't have anything exciting to report, ha ha. Just the usual of me going crazy with research.

Keep up the good work! You're doing a great job!

KEMPER said...

Oh my god, you're so close to your goal weight! I'm so excited for you!! :D
I missed it when you posted pictures, maybe when you reach your goal you could show us how it feels? :)

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