I have never been in fast mode this long. Keep in mind I haven't been completely fasting but I have been having max 800 calories a day for maybe 4 days now. Some days only 300. Today I had starbursts (lol love them) a few chips, a soda, and some popcorn chicken. I was with a friend today so thats why I had all the junk food. I need to stp eating starbursts though, too many calories. This was my last day eating them!

Chicken 300
Starbusts 240
Soda 160
Chips 100

So total would be 800 in the last 24 hours. Its easy since I don't eat while working and I work 10 hour shifts and then I sleep for another 8 hours. I start packing tomorrow so I will slowly get out of fast mode this week. I will be moving and hanging out with a ton of friends. So not only will I not be fasting I will just expect to gain a pound or two but then after that I will be in the gym!!!

Oh and dot has totally inspired me to take pics!! Expect those next post. I have an awful camera and mirror lol so its really hard to take good ones but I will try

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Because of your comment I went to the store and bought a ton of fruits =D And I can't wait to see your progress once school starts

Thanks for commenting. I do read your blog just need to comment more ;) I adore subway, did decide to go and it was delicious! Filled me up for all day saturday

You are so amazing I don't like you feeling angry or sad. Keep it up sweety <3

Thankyou!! I feel more inspired to post pics, I just get really picky when I take a picture and end up not liking it. Not because of me just because my camera sucks. Keep up your awesome work and goodluck with the abc!


Anonymous said...

wow you have been doing really well! i feel like i've been binging a bit lately, eating foods i normally wouldn't (i had a cupcake today) but the weight is still going down! so i wouldn't worry about those starburts ;) your calories are still way low.

Dot said...

Good job today again beautiful! And I'm so excited for the photos : D Haha! And I wouldn't worry too much about the starbursts, you really are so good otherwise. It's like your little guilty pleasure ; )
Stay strong <3

Flushed said...

Yay Pictures! <3 pix =)

OMG, so hard being at other peoples houses who don't really eat the same types of food! And then trying to be polite but at the same time not sabotage yourself...ugh.

You're doing magnificent on this pseudo fast! So long as it's working I wouldn't worry about Starbursts unless, of course, it's what you'd really like to do =)
I know I like to challenge myself and push the envelope a bit and sometimes not (I'm lookin at you Splenda).

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

u ate junk, but u still kept ur cals down!! cant wait to see the photos!

Fleur said...

What are starbursts?? must be good stuff :) as long as everything else is low i'm sure they're ok :)

nona said...

Wow, congrats on doing so well!

I had a horrible weekend, but after reading your blog last night I actually felt like I could get started again in earnest. I've been fasting today and feel fantastic!

Oh, and don't worry about the starbursts. I think we all have our weaknesses, Milo is mine.

Looking forward to the pics :)

Anonymous said...

thank you, sugar!
i dont like being sad or angry either. it really gets the best of me. but i am trying to stay positive and keep my head up and things will be okay. ive been doing awesome on my smoothie fast so that makes me feel even better. <3 you are so motivation to me.

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