So I am proud to say I stuck to my plan ^^. Food I had today:

Breakfast - estimated 250 (more because I am iffy on the fruit and omelet)
egg white omelet spinach and cheese - 125
three slices of an orange - 25
water - 0
a piece of honey dew and some pear slices 50

lunch - 250 calories
green tea - 0
granola bar - 110
apple - 70
piece of chocolate - 70

Dinner - NONE!

Total - 500
Workout had to be at least 200

Managed to skip dinner and workout hardcore. When I say hardcore I mean my body is sore and I hope I can walk tomorrow lol. I am gaining lean muscle definition it feels awesome and today at soccer I was complimented on my speed. I love sprinting =) I almost had a problem today concerning dinner that I managed to avoid, kind of scared me though. A friend asked me to go to the cafeteria and I declined and said I was going out to she said she would come to! Talk about awkward. Luckily she was starving and wanted to eat right away. I said I wasn't hungry right at that moment and would eat later. I always feel a friend is going to call me out or something. But besides that today was awesome. I will try and do it again tomorrow.

I need to apologize as well. Because while I love comments I haven't been commenting on blogs. This is due to me just being busy, I barely find time to post a blog. And no I don't have some super life lol I just work a lot, work out, class and friends. So sorry if I am not commenting I really regret that. I do love to talk to people so if any of you seriously need to talk or need advice or support etc etc feel free to email me

Take care and good luck ^^


KEMPER said...

Hurray for you!! :)
I totally know how that is, and I'm actually somewhat jealous. Haha...
Never knew how heavy smoothies were.. >_> lol

Glad you're doing so well! Friends can be tough to deal with like that... I gotta work on it myself.

Have a good night!

Anonymous said...

wow! good job with your eating darling :) i'm also super busy...too busy to keep exact track of calories. but i know it's low ;) keep up the good work! you're an inspiration for me.

Ana's Girl said...

Awesome job. I wish i loved sprinting. Lol. Keep up your good work and don't let those friends sabotage your plan (that's always my biggest downfall, going out to eat with people just to keep up the appearance of normalcy). Much love.

Flushed said...

Yes, yes, yes.

Congrats on sticking to your plan!

And I'm right there with ya on the comments. Soooo busy lately. I'm trying to catch up cuz I feel guilty reading and not commenting...but I'm cutting back big time since I'm not sitting on my ass all day anymore!

Well, keep up the great work!
Stay Strong.


♥nervosa♥ said...

I've got the pushiest friends as well. I feel like they are spying on me or something. Quietly collecting evidence until they've got enough to make a solid accusation. It's silly but I can't help it, lol.

Anyways, I'm sort of new here so I'd love it if you could check out my blog:
It's basically my way of spreading the idea of using creative therapies to treat eating disorders. If you check it out- Thank you! and if you like it- follow it!


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