Weighing Dilemna

So I am currently doing what you are not supposed to be doing; weighing myself on two different scales which keeps messing with my mind. First scale would be my roommate's which is a pretty high-tech expensive scale. Second scale would be the gym's scale which would include my sweating hair and gym shoes since it would look awkward taking my shoes off in front of people lol. Her scale (in the morning on an empty stomach) normally says 120. The gym scale (at night after tons of water and clothes and shoes) says 124 which I conclude to really be 122...but there is still a difference! And problem is neither says 119 =(

I have concluded that I am not hitting 119 (according to roommate's scale) because I keep eating dinner with all my friends. I only eat that one meal a day but it sucks because its social eating which always makes you eat more and in our dining hall which is basically a buffet. I haven't been able or even motivated to fast =(. So I devised a plan for tomorrow

white egg omelet with spinach and cheese

Green tea with a granola bar


Lol not sure if I can just do a banana for dinner. I am planning on going to practice with this club soccer team I joined for a couple of hours and then going to the gym. I desperately want the banana to hold me off but we will see. Wish me luck ^^ Your support means the world


Yum said...

Gym scales are also used by a ton of people, so they probably wear out pretty quickly I wouldn't trust it.

Anonymous said...

sounds like a great plan, im gonna try the white egg omllet!!good luck!

Anonymous said...

I lost weight my freshman year (when I had a dining hall) because the food was so nasty all I ate was a small salad and fruit. Just tell your friends you're getting that first, and then the salad will take so long to eat that you can be like "Oh, I'm full."

Ana's Girl said...

Ugh social eating is the absolute worst! Maybe to break your plateau you need to eat a little bit of something for breakfast every morning. I've heard that breakfast gets your metabolism going for the rest of the day. Good luck, sweetie!

MaryJane said...

Social eating is a total bummer. Go with your idea of a banana: grab something small and say your stomach has been bothering you.
Stay strong :)

ShrinkingSlowly said...

Gym scales do suck. I went on a gym scale a couple of days ago, and it kept reading 126 lbs! I started to panic because my scale told me that I was 118 at that time. When I moved all of the weights over to "0" (the gym scale looks like the one in the doctor's office), I realized that it wasn't set right. It was 8 1lbs off!

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