All time low!!

So had a busy night and day. I am so behind on blogs, I've been trying to get an internship so I've been too busy to even sleep. Good news is that I am in serious fast mode, it feels awesome. I feel like I have tons of energy even with eating little. And when I do feel tired one apple boosts me up. I weighed myself today....and I hit 121!!! I have never been this low in my adult body life. It feels great. My all time goals has always been 120 and I am so close. The hard part will be getting to 115 and staying in that range. I feel though if I can hit 121 without workout then getting to 115-117 with workout will be a piece of cake.

I owe it all to you guys. Thankyou so much for the support. I will be trying to eat some healthy fruits today and stay hydrated and keep it up. I might head to subway today seeing how I feel later tonight. I am so behind in blogs, I apologize. I would love for you guys to give me a quick update on how your weight goals are going in the comments.

I adore all of you <3


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh congrats!!! i am so so so jealous of you! we have the exact same goal ;) woww you have really inspired me to be good the rest of the day! you must be feeling great! yayyy!

Fleur said...

Congratualations!! :) that's awesome :) i'm super-stoked for you!

swt mzry said...

Congrats hun!!! That's awesome news! Good luck with your internship!! And once you add working out you will get to your goal even quicker!!

Stay strong in fast mode! :)

Dot said...

Awe Nic, that's wonderful! I knew you could do it beautiful <3 And you should totally post pics! Thank you so much for all your nice comments <3 You've always been there for me. You are probably the most positive person on here ; ) And I know you are honest too, so you saying you see a difference means a lot to me ; ) <33333
I'm so happy you're in a good place today. Good luck with an internship! Have a wonderful weekend <3

pokerface said...

WELL DONE! Omg that's so amazing! My little sister weighs that and she's 12... lol. (5ft 3 btw) But yeah, that's so so good. I hope you're proud of yourself!

I've lost 5lbs this week ^_^ that's all I have to update for now... except that I want to lose 9 more lbs before the 20th of August. I'm feeling really inspired right now so I hope I'll be able to do it!

Take care dear :) xx

Flushed said...

Yay!! that's wonderful!!

Keep up the great work!

No such good news on my end of the shtick :( While it's impossible that I could have gained but I know I haven't lost much.

But YOU, YOU are doing AMAZING!!!

Anonymous said...

wow congrats!! and i agree with dot, post some pics!! very inspiring. u deserve for things to be looking up i reckon! remind me what the internship is for?

Savory Sweet said...

oh hooray! And I hope you land that internship. I don't know what you're driving on, if it's not sleep or food... but tell me the secret or send me whatever your taking ;)

I'm super excited about you getting so close to your ultimate goals!!!

I'm doing good. At 109 right now. Not really trying to lose (well, I'm always trying to lose lol) but I just don't want to gain, so everything's kind of on autopilot.

Keep us updated! All my affection!!

Anonymous said...

ahhh i hate you so much
you are so awesome! thats where i wanna be! i bet you are so beautiful.

um update:
i hate life. my boyfriend is in jail. he is going to prison. i dont know how long. i want to die.

so anyways!
hope you are having a great day :)

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