Will Power

Ahhh I've been gone and have so many blogs to read lol. I'll do a quick update about myself then finishing reading blogs.

My weekend was awesome, had a great time. And even better yet?? I still ate right. I feel amazing. I was fasting and not even realizing it. I have to admit I feel guilty sometimes because lately my mody has been hungry but not my mind. So while my body is throwing a fit, I have no desire to eat sometimes. I feel guilty because I love that feeling. Once again it's my need for control taking over me. How could I not feel powerful by such will power. But! There is a but. I do realize that this really isn't a good thing sometimes so I do eat. Very little though. I find that even if I have superb self control, eating a small meal will prevent me from binging. And I have yet to binge =D

I am really happy today. Its currently 6 in the morning for me and I am typing this before I head to the airport. I fasted, ate right when I did eat, and just recieved a ton of compliments from my friends. One of my friends however is overweight and when we went out to eat I ordered a 6 inch wheat sub with just turkey and it filled me pretty up. He on the other hand ordered a ton of food, all of it greasy and disgusting and ate it like a beast. I was really disgusted...but he is a god friend. He is severely obese and I'm just sad that he really doesn't want to change his ways.

I want to thank everyone for commenting, they really mean a lot I love them. I'm currently going to not diet today. I am thinking of even eating a burger today...it probably won't happen lol. I have to convince myself to eat fast food. The other day I really wanted fries but when I went to a fast food place I felt sick and left. But I have decided that Sundays I will eat whatever, treat myself. I hope you are all doing well. I read every blog I am following! So post if I am not following your blog.


The Prince of Wince said...

Will power is for the weak. Try uppers.

Dot said...

yay! Good job on staying so strong! : D And that's so wonderful how you haven't binged at all!
I love reading your blog, it always inspires me <3

Anonymous said...

Good job lovely!
Yeah it seems once you get away from food so long, everything just sounds sick. Lol.

You seem to be doing awesome, and I hope you continue to do so. <3

Lily said...
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All about Lily said...

That's really great. I wish I had your focus and will. I love reading your blog, it's always a pleasure and an inspiration!

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