Arrrgggg I am feeling so lazy, its awful. I haven't been fasting. I haven't been binging either, I just feel in between. I love the feeling of fasting but the feeling of eating is consuming me as well. I still feel the same size but meh, I don't feel hungry yet I eat anyway. I might feel better if I just do not eat dinner tonight.

I suppose in my defense I havent really been on my normal schedule. Normally I work all night so I barely eat and then I sleep all day. Now I've been up all day this past week with people and food everywhere. Tonight is the first night I get back to work so maybe I can start my fasting once again. Please guys wish me luck. I need to weigh myself now. Maybe thats what I will go do. Thinspiration time!!


Anonymous said...

I posted some thinspo!!

And yes, being out of your regular routine can wreak havoc on your plans.

But you will get back into the swing of things. <3
You can do it.

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