Feeling Impatient

I really like being home, its relaxing. And I like spending time with my mom, she is one of my best friends. We even got pedicures together today. But I can't wait to go back to my real home which would be my campus. I feel more free there. My mom means well but she is always watching over me only when it comes to food. I just feel so bloated when I am here.

I personally feel that I am pretty average, maybe a little slim for my height but she always says I am too skinny. Seriously, does she want me to gain weight or something? I feel she would only be satisfied if I weighed like 140 or something. So when I am around her I just have to eat and it gets annoying. Because I like to eat only when I am hungry but I end up eating everytime she feels its appropriate to. All I ate today was some fruit and a 6inch sub but I feel so bloated now and I have a feeling she is going to want to take me out to eat more.

I want to diet now! So I am getting a little impatient now. I go "home" which is my campus wednesday. Then I can just be myself and eat when I want to. I am really in the mindset now that I want to eat less and healthier. I am ready to cut out all junk food including candy. I want to turn fruits into my new candy and water into my new soda.

I must say though I am feeling pretty confident with myself even if I do feel bloated. I hate when guys hit on me while I am walking down the street but I won't lie it is a confidence booster. I went shopping today wearing a cute tank top and skinny jeans and I always feel good. I like my body I do feel great most of the time, I just want to feel great all the time. I want to be leaner, with more muscles. I can't wait for school to start I already have everything planned out. My meal and workout schedules are already in my head, I just need to do it. I can't until next week though since I am going out of town with friends this weekend. And during the summer I can't workout in the gym because I am a cheapo and don't want to pay for summer membership. So the rest of the summer will consist of just dieting and when the semester start I'll add my workout plan into the dieting.

But for now, to my few readers, thankyou guys so much for letting me know you are out there. Feel free to post so I can know about your blogs and let me know who your celebrity crush is =o. Mine is Edward Norton among many others =)


Desert flower said...

Hi :) thanks for following my blog, i'm following yours, just my phone won't allow me to do so officially! i think its so great that you and your mom get on so well... i'm very similar with my mum. keep up your blogging. much love :) x

shesthin said...

Edward norton is an awesome actor...my celeb crush would have to be jude law - to me every aspect of him is perfect:)

I hate it when parents interfere with the diet I know they mean well but they really make it difficult.

I can understand guys hitting on you as a confidence boaster. It kind has an opposite effect on me but b/c I'm fat so some really ugly guy will come up to me b/c they think I'm that desperate lol

Anyway you're doing very well with working out and diet. you can stay strong trough out the semester! good luck!

Dot said...

That's great that you and your mom get along so well. I think it's wonderful that you seem to have such a positive attitude about your body : ) also, I love your long posts! : D
Ed Norton is a great celeb crush. Mine is Patrick Stewart. I don't care that he's old and bald ; )
Stay Strong <3

Vortex said...

"I want to turn fruits into my new candy and water into my new soda."
Same here, lol. But it's almost impossible to do living in my house. They're always buying Coca Cola, candy, baking cakes, making burgers and bbqs... They're obsessed with food, they're not fat or anything, they just like to eat tasty things aaaall the time. I just have to tell them I'm on a diet all the time, but it gets really hard when they're always offering things to me, and saying "you look fine, you don't need to diet, don't be silly".

Edward Norton is alright, but my only celeb crush is Christian Bale. He's soooo cute!

And I don't really like it when guys say things to me on the street... It's so disgusting, I just wanna punch them in the face for not knowing how to keep their mouths shut. I mean, can't they keep their opinions to themselves? As if I cared about them thinking I'm "hot" or whatever... Lol, not a people person here xD haha

Keep on blogging girl ;)

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