I want to thank you all for your comments, I really do appreciate them =). I've been busy to I'll do a quick update. I'm back at school and feeling great. I love how my mom cooked me a huge breakfast which I ate ofcourse. She knows I do not eat as much as she'd like. I think I eat just fine but its ok.

Once I got back I fasted to relieve some of the bloatedness I was feeling. I fasted for 24hours and then ate 500 calories today. I feel great though, and even a little slimmer. I'm going out of town when I wake up, flying to hang out with friends so I won't concern myself with dieting.

I'm am disappointed however that I can't weigh myself. I don't own a scale and the only scales on campus are in the gym which I can't go to because I didn't pay for summer membership. I think I might have to rely on the grocery store lol. But just going by looks I'd estimate myself around 125, maybe 124. I want to wish everyone luck with their goals and I am glad you guys found my last post inspirational.

What I really would like to know now, is what do you guys love most about yourselves physically? Something that you are never self conscious about and even love showing off. I personally love my shoulders and collar bone. I adore wearing tank tops and razor backs to show them off. I plan on posting a picture soon as well =). If you guys are comfortable enough feel free to post what you like along with a picture on your own blog. For now take care ^^

Megan Fox looking lovely


All about Lily said...

I like my lips... I used to like my legs, but not anymore. I'm working on it!

Desert flower said...

Hmm.. i think my eyes are pretty. the slant down slightly which used to bother me, but thats a trait from my ancestory so i'm kinda proud of it now :) and they're a cool mix of colours :)

Dot said...

Good job on the fasting! : D Before I could afford a scale I would go to the store to weight myself too!
My favorite thing about myself are my eyes.
You should post a picture of yourself!
Have a lovely day! And thank you for all the encouragement you've given me <3

Anonymous said...

I love love love my lips. Full, pink, pouty, and expressive. Faw and away my best feature.

themadhatter said...

my boobs and my eyes.
my eyes are HUGE and blue. they go well with my blonde hair ^^ lol

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