I hate to create two blogs in one day but yaaay!! So I was feeling a little meh about my laziness and ran to weigh myself while shop for some groceries. I honestly was expecting 127, 128 maybe 126 if I was lucky. Nope! It said 122. something which I round to 122 because of shoes clothes etc etc. 122!!! Ahhhh my all time low. I just don't understand though. Is it bad that I don't feel 122? I feel it was broken. I feel I really weigh maybe 124. In my head I'm thinking, ok Nic you really are 124 because of all that junk food you ate the other day. This cheap scale is broken (grocery store scale). But a part of me is giggling inside thinking 122!

I mean I look skinny, I feel skinnier. I just don't feel 122. Is that bad? Because think about it. What if I weighed 100 pounds and felt 130. I know thats an exageration but I am just not sure. I don't want to get down to 115 and still feel the same. That would be tragic. Right now in my mind I'm thinking if I'm 122, 123, or 124...will I feel the same at 120? Probably. Not that I feel bad or anything. I just don't want to lose it, you know. I am still decided on what my lowest weight would be. I will never weigh lower than 115, that would just be frightening. But 120...hmm I am thinking more like 118. But then how different is 118 from 115?

I really need some thoughts on this. Granted it might be hard without pics of me. I do have some but do not want to keep them up long so post the best time to put them up. I wanna thank Dot and xthinforever for really rooting me along as well as all my followers. Thanks guys =)


pokerface said...

Hey just wanted to say thanks for the comment before I leave :) I don't have time to read any posts tonight (it's 1:21am... I need sleep haha) but yeah, I really appreciate the effort :) Shall be back next Thursday night with hopefully a long post! Enjoy your week and take care xx

Dot said...

Awe you are sooo sweet <3
I know what you mean about "feeling" a weight. Like I still feel 180, even though I'm 165. I'm sure you look different, maybe you should take your measurements as more solid form form of proof. It would be kind of hard to talk yourself out of measurements ; ) That's part of the reason why I've started taking mine once a week.
Post the pictures! Ahh! I'm so excited for you to post them! Don't post them tomorrow though! Because I'll be gone most the day.
And never feel bad about posting twice! Your blog is wonderful and inspiring and I love love love reading it ; D
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

Awwww, schucks n.n
Thats so nice of you. This is what I think. Even though you might not feel your weight (lol imagine that! we all do that haha) but this is my take...
"Those who risk going to far may possibly find out how far one can go".
So you already know where your cut off point is. 115. So go to 115.. see if you like it. If not, gain to 120, if thats too big, hit 118. It's like trial and error. You can always easily work your way back up, so hit your bottom (115) and just see where you wanna be :D

I think once you hit a certain weight it will click in your head that you like it. Because I want to be 119.. My bf asked me well whats the diff between 119 and 120? And I said 1 pound. He said I dont get it. LOL I said 119 looks better than 120 just as $3.97 is more appealing than $4.00. Ya know?

You'll get it figured out honey.

Fleur said...

I totally agree with thinforever... althoug it's a personal decision, i love seeing how far i can push and what my potential is. just go for it :)

All about Lily said...

122 this fast is amazing. I'm so proud of you. You give me hope for my goal!

Yum said...

My goal weight keeps lowering, too. At first I just wanted to be under 140 to be happy, but it was ideally 135. Then I thought, "maybe 130. Or maybe 125. OR maybe..." I don't yet have the desire to be under a hundred pounds, but it keeps getting lower and lower...

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