Party time

So minus a forced fast food trip, I fasted pretty well the past couple of days. I do eat when I get hungry but only whole wheat bread, fruit, and peanut butter. And I drink sports drinks, diet soda and water. Thats been my diet for the past few days. I haven't had a real meal in maybe a week but its all good. Today I am hanging out with a big group of friends all night so ofcourse that means food. Good news is that we will be playing laser tag and bowling so at least I will burn some calories. But today is my treat day so I will just eat and enjoy myself. My skinny jeans are a little loose on me =o. So that must mean good news. I'm going to shopping for more jeans once I hit my target weight so I can buy clothes and not have to worry that it will be too big for me.

Keep up the blogging girls, know that I am rooting for you all! My dream body!! I feel that I am there just need a few more pounds gone =o


Dot said...

I know you'll get to your dream body! You look so close already! And thanks so much for leaving the pics up so I could see <3 I would have been so upset if I missed them!
Stupid people forcing fast food on us : P
I hope you're right about the fat roommate....I'm just scared because I once had this over weight friend who always harassed me to eat. And would get so angry at me if I told her I wasn't hungry and try and guilt me into eating : ( So I'm just so scared about this girl being like that....
Stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

OHHHH thats an awesome dream body. You are not far off though! <3
Yay for the skinny jeans being loose.. thats one of the most amazing feelings in the world!

i would say stay away from the diet soda honey. aspartame will kill you.. didnt you read my post about it! its scary stuff.

but otherwise it sounds like you are doing well, and just keep up the good work and you will be at your goal weight soon enough!

All about Lily said...

Judging by the pictures, you are definetly not far from your dream body. And if you keep up your good work, you will be there in no time!

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