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Well I am officially back at school. I ate a lot yesterday =( I was busy working all day with coworkers and we had a lot of fast food for lunch and dinner. And I'm not even hungry right now and I'm craving junk food. Right now I am just trying not to cave in. Today I am back on track. I should just fast today. I am feeling great though, wore these skinny jeans yesterday that are normally tight around the waist but they weren't at all! That was before the junk food though lol. If I fast today I'll feel better so wish me luck.

I still can't really track my progress since I do not have a scale. Its rather annoying. So I suppose I won't officially start my weight loss goal until school starts because thats when I can work out and weigh myself on a regular basis. It seems so far away though. I will continue to fast and watch what I eat but I can't wait to make it official.

Hope you all are doing well and thankyou for following me! I wil try and update everyday or every other day at the latest. I have to work al day again with coworkers but this time not as long as yesterday. Its fasting time! I need some thinspiration.


Dot said...

Good luck with you fast! I know you can do it! And that's wonderful about you jeans fitting so well ; ) Good luck at work and stay strong <3

Anonymous said...

Give me a thinspo post theme
and I'll do an entire post dedicated to you like I did for StickThin. :)

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