Pics of Me

I'm going to take these down soon after a few comments. I'm pretty skinny. I just swear all my weight is in my butt lol.


Fleur said...

Your collar bone!! i love it! thinspiration for today :)

Anonymous said...

arms/shoulders look perfect.
hi, im jealous. :D

pant size please?
(so i can be overanalytical and compare myself to you LOL)
no im just kidding. just wanna see where you are at. :D

Nic said...

I'm a size 5. I can fit in size three shorts but not good enough to leave my room wearing lol. I also sometimes get size 7 in really tight jeans

peekaboo said...

you look amazing.:)

ps: I like your jeans!


All about Lily said...

You look amazing girl...! What a hot body. Yeah, definetly an inspiration!

Anonymous said...

too cute!
i thought you were a size five. you just have that "im hot" look.
size five is my goal.
im at tight sevens right now.. but with not being able to lose weight.. it really sucks. but good news is coming! ill post today

pokerface said...

wow - your lowest weight? WELL DONE! :D Aw everyone seems to be getting along so well, it's put me in such a good mood!

Dot said...

You look fabulous! I love you shoulders! No wonder you show them off ; )
You are my new thinspo. Really, you just have such a nice figure <3

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