Love of Boots

-tear falls- So I have these pair of jeans I use to really measure my weight until school starts. There are a size 5 skinny jeans that do not stretch at all. Really tight skinny jeans. They were a little loose on me a couple of days ago but after my junk food weekend they are tight once again. Thankfully they still button lol. In my defense I am about to get my period and I unfortunately gain like 5 pounds while on my period. I just feel a little discouraged and can’t wait for school to start. I want to live in the gym! I am going to buy an ipod shuffle soon too to exercise with.

So the friend who surprised me last weekend used to be skinnier than me in highschool. She’s gained maybe 10 pounds since then while I’ve lost like 10 pounds. I’m noticeably skinnier and she didn’t comment though she notices. We are supposedly going to be workout buddies when school starts. Is it mean for me to want to always remain skinnier than her? I feel mean lol for thinking I’m more disciplined than her and can stay in shape as well as lose weight. She loves food.

I want to thank all my new followers. I am checking out your blogs and following when I have the time. Also thanks guys for comments, let me know how your goals are going. I feel like I miss blog posts and can’t catch up all the time. Also I would like to thank you girls who post the thinspiration pics. For some reason I suck at finding them. If anyone needs any thinspiration ideas I would love for thinspo wearing boots =). I am obsessed with boots now lol.


S said...

ugh i hate the period bloats...i can't wait to be skinny enough so mine doesn't come anymore...and never feel bad about wanting to be skinnier than your friend! it's not mean at all because it's not your fault she gained weight and loves food hahaha

Anonymous said...

you should totally want to stay skinnier than her, then you will always feel good :) you love your body more than you love food, i would almost not work out with her because i feel i slip more when im around people that love food versus than when im by myself.

Anonymous said...

OHHHH and i will totally do your thinspo post!!! ive been asking people for ideas foreverrr

Dot said...

I'm obsessed with boots too! In wearing some cute tall lace up ones right now in fact ; )

Ugh! I hate my period. I gain like 10 lbs. I'm sure the weight will come off right when it's over.

Don't feel bad at all for wanting to be thinner than her! Nothing wrong with a bit of competition ; ) Also, sounds like you're just being honest and she's just doesn't have much control. And she could super motivate you because you would see all the junk she eats and how hard she has to work now for eating it.

Stay strong, I'm sure those jeans will lose again in no time! <3

All about Lily said...

Trying to stay skinnier than your friend is a great motivation I think!
I am obsessed with boots too so I'll try to do something about your request!
Stay strong, your period will be over soon!

Ana's Girl said...

Hey thanks for following my blog!

Ugh i HATE it when i get bloated with my period. It's just like ewww.

But don't feel bad about wanting to stay skinnier than your friend. Everyone has someone they want to be skinnier than. It's a confidence booster when you can achieve that little goal. Stay there!

Oh and boots are amazing!!! I'm pretty sure all girls have some sort of obsession with them, but some of us have it worse. haha.

Keira Knightley is your thinspiration too?! She's my ultimate thinspo. So beautiful and skinny.

Anonymous said...

All of my friends create competition for me, whether they know it or not. I think it's normal, since they're the people you surround yourself with. As long as you , don't let it interfere with your true feelings for that person, don't let it get you down!

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