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Wow your comments are ridiculously uplifting. I am super happy you guys enjoy my blog. I am also apologizing for not updating sooner. School just started and I was trapped with social things. And oh my goodness, when ever I am around friends we all eat a ton.

But great news!!! I feel great lol. I haven't gained any weight and probably even lost some. I am practically a size 3 right now, maybe smaller. I basically only eat when I am around them. And I get fuller faster which rocks. My thighs aren't thunder thighs anymore and I feel the only fat on me is my butt. I am sooo sorry about not having pictures posted. I haven't had any privacy so to speak to take/post some. But I will have some next time I post! This post is also a quick update I suppose...

I can't weigh myself!! Its driving me crazy and I am a loser that uses the scale as a means of progress. Even though I feel skinnier, look skinnier, and can wear these short shorts and not feel like I have fat hanging out, the scale still unfortunately validates my success. I need advice on how to weigh myself.

I also need advice on birth control. I have never taken it and really need to get it soon. (I am petrified of ever getting pregnant) But the problem is I am also petrified of gaining weight because of it. I will never not take it due to that fear but it has been keeping me from getting it sooner (currently not sexually active). I just want some advice or first hand experiences from using birth control. Two of my roommates use it. One I have never seen skinny and I think birth control affects her weight a lot. My other roommate used to be sooo thin but she has to take it due to a hormone problem. She used to weigh 10 pounds less than me now I am pretty sure she weighs 10 pounds more. That terrifies me! She has huge boobs and a gut now...she used to be ridiculously skinny. She says its due to her just maturing, but its so obvious the birth control had some affect. Her eating habits have never changed. So yeh...thanks guys lol


tracy said...

Hi...i totes (trying to sound younger than my aged self!) love your blog and even gave a piece of it-the one you wrote so beautifully about feeling so good and being "that girl"-to my psychiatrist to read, saying "See, that's what i want to be like."
So, about the Birth Control has been ages since i have been on it-my son is 18 and my husband got "snipped" when son was 5-however, i was on it for 5 years and it did not affect my weight at all. Maybe i was just lucky, but i don't think i can be the only one.
Plus, that was like 24 years ago and the pill has "come a long way"...i think if you tried the pill and felt it made you gain weight or retain water, you could always ask the doctor to try another brand. (Just besure you're covered in between and for the first month on it, but, doh, you know that! i do completely understand your fear of gaining weight.
Let us know how it goes.
Thank you again for a wonderful blog, you writing is lovely and inspiring!

tracy said...

PS i'm not sure where you live, but if you can't afford a scale right now (and that would drive me crazier!), try going to a Bed and Bath or Target, some kind of store that sells scales and use theirs. Or, if you feel really brave, use the scale, if they have one, at various nutrition stores. Also, i don't really know what kind of school you are at, but if it's a University type, does the gym have one? Don't forget to balance it! There i go again, of course you wouldn't forget!

Ana's Girl said...

Why do you think it works that way? That whenever friends get together, everyone eats so much. It just doesn't make any sense.
U know just what you mean about the scale validating your success. I don't even own a scale and it rules me. Everytime i go somewhere and see a scale i just have to step on and torture myself.
Birth control scares me too. I am sexually active but refuse to take it for fear of gaining. Not happening; i don't even care if there's a type that "doesn't effect" weight. I'm not risking it.
Stay strong, love.

KEMPER said...

I'm taking Yasmin (Ocella) birth control right now and it's wonderful. I haven't experienced any weight gain, but my boobs did grow about one cup size which I thought was pretty cool. I'd love to be a stick with boobs haha...

The only thing I'm unsure of is that I took it between April 2008 and October 2009 and I wasn't weight-conscious at all. I had to stop taking it for a while and restarted this month. I actually may have gained weight without realizing.

But even still, I love the birth control I'm on because it cleared up my acne, I had shorter periods, and the hormones didn't fuck me up like some others do. Definitely take pills, don't use the insertable stuff, bleh.

Hope that helps!

Beautifully_Fragile said...

That is great you lose some weight! I wish I can say the same, lol but I am working on it. I take birth control, it definitely made me gain tons of weight but it affects each person differently. I told my doctor I gained weight because of birth control, she told me it's the mentality. I hope birth control have no weight affect on you :) Good luck girl

Anonymous said...

i'm taking nuvuring for birth control. i have had no trouble losing 30 pounds while on it!!! its the best type i have tried!!

minaralou said...

I have never had any weight problems when I took the bierth control, my doctor told me than the dose is so tiny winey it would not affect you. I think women gianing weight only balme the birthcontrol pills because it is a nice little excuse for being a pig in terms of eatin haha :P One problem I HAD was that my mood was extremely fluctuating...really moody..even more than usually haha aand I think my foot got a bit bigger because of water retaining or something xxx

Quest2Thin said...

On the birth control thing, I use NuvaRing and I haven't gained any weight from it. I love it because you put it in once a month and don't have to take pills at a certain time. You should totally try it girl!

ciao, fiona.

Yum said...

I gained a ton of weight from the Depro, but didn't have any gain with the pill. The good thing is also that it helps protect against bone loss.

Emry said...

New reader here! I have been on a progesterone-only birth control pill & the only side effect I have experienced is that sometimes my cycle is longer (I have more days inbetween periods). It is more time sensitive (you have to take it at the same time every day w/ a small window of like 3 hours) but it's never made me nauseous or gain weight or anything like that.

little rock said...

Hey I've never commented before but have been reading you for a while now, it's nice to read someone of the same age having the exact same issues as myself. Anyway birth controll?? Not the best if you're funny about food. I was on it for 2 years and added hormones are just not a good combination when you're eating then not eating. It made me bloat like a bitch too. Nasty stuff. Just stick with condoms or something.
Hope you're well otherwise :) xx

Broken_Mirrors said...

hello, I am new here and I'm trying to follow but for some reason it won't work but don't worry I will try and try until it lets me =)

As for the birth control, rather ironically, I got my implanon implant put in this morning. It doesn't hurt to go in, lasts three years and is the most effective birth control there is (according to my doctor) also apparently it only makes 1 in 100 gain weight and that's probably only if you let it ! Hope this helps


Jenny said...

I totally know how you feel about the scale situation. I can't afford one either and I'm so paranoid. My boyfriend is sick of hearing about it.

Anyway, I take ortho-try-cyclen lo and I haven't had any problems with it. Actually, I have lost about 30 pounds since I started it about a year ago. It keeps my appetite under control, somehow.
I have a friend who got that birth control shot though, and she's gained like 40 pounds. So, I wouldn't recommend that.
<3 Jenny

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