Freedom, Bravery, Desires

Freedom. It's what I truly desire. Freedom from people, freedom from my weaknesses, freedom from my limitations. I will be leaving the country soon, I am studying abroad. I can't wait. I do not fear change and another country where I will barely speak the language. (I have been studying it for over a year and will be able to get by). Some people would fear this but I welcome it with open arms. I will be free from everyone and all of their expectations. I wonder how skinny I will be with this new freedom.

Update wise, I am still te same size, maybe 120, 121 pounds. It feels great, I feel great. But I want to feel even greater. I want to be that person I know I am inside. She's smart, loving, witty, gorgeous in her own way. She fears nothing. She can do anything she sets her mind to. I want people to envy me. I want them to wish they were as brave as me.


Ana's Girl said...

I think maybe freedom is what everyone is searching for. Personally, i want it, but at the same time i fear it. Kudos to you for being brave about it! Stay strong; reach your goals.

Dot said...

I think you are brave :D How exciting that you'll be studying abroad! I'm sure it will be an amazing life changing experience and I hope you find freedom through it.
Stay strong <3

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