Feeling Great

Wow so I looked into the mirror today and have never felt or looked skinnier. My size 4 jeans are too big! I look awesome lol. I am unable to weight myself but if I had to guess I'd say around 119 or 118. I feel its really noticeable seeing as I haven't eaten a real meal in almost a week. (Which I'm nervous about. I'm scared to wear skinny jeans around family) My appetite is kind of just gone. When I do eat I get full super fast so I never finish eating anything. Ahhh I feel so great. I just want to maintain this look, that's my biggest goal right now. I feel great too. I have some really good friends and its just been a while where I felt really welcomed by people. Also for boy troubles, I am slowly just realizing that I shouldn't beat myself up if I like someone more than they like me. We aren't compatible and even though I have a big crush, I am slowly getting over it.

Today I pigged out on pizza and wings but even afterwards I still felt awesome. I'm going to start restricting tomorrow and the rest of the week to make sure I keep up my goals. This week is going to be great. Ultimately I want to weigh 115 and work on maintaining a weight range of 115-117.

I sometimes hate having thinspo, makes me feel guilty for idolizing a person...but I feel I'm looking more and more like this everyday. 5 more pounds maybe? How much does she weigh? Also I shall post pictures soon.


Anonymous said...

Love your blog, and this last post is so encouraging. Let me follow you :)

Miss Burton said...

but Keira does look awesome. Huge girl crush, yep.

This is funny, because I feel a bit weird because I don't have like one super idol and I wish I had one. It must help a lot.
Maybe you're right, it must be weird to idolise someone that much.
Well actually I do ... I'm pretty obsessed with Kate Moennig but always try to forget about it because people say I'm a lot like her anyway and that makes me feel weird ...
Wow Dr Freudt would be able to tell me something about myself now. Haha.

Congrats! You must look awesome.
Funny how you can eat a bit of pizza and still think maybe it's okay. I'd never be able to do that.
So what sort of clothes do you wear round your family now?

I'm pretty sure you'll maintain that weight now. :)

Ana's Girl said...

I'm so glad you're feeling pretty and happy. I'm sure you look beautiful. :)
i don't even have a specific weight goal. I'd love to get down to 100, but i'm not sure how hard i'm actually reaching for it. My goal is more based on how i look and how i feel about how i look than the number on the scale.
Keira's my idol too. (I know what you mean about feeling guilty about it tho.) She's 5'7" and weighs 115 lbs. Absolutely stunning.

minaralou said...

I totally have the same feeling referring to the clothes/fmaily thin. I love to wear my skinny jeans because I finally don't have the constant feeling that my thigs are huge(they are 51cm now) but then i am so scared getting the attention ofmy family to my weightloss :C on the one hand I want to show proudly the world what I have already achieved on the other hand I don't want anyone to come to me bothering with stuff like " eat sometinth,you are too thin blahblahblah"

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